Members weigh in on our Annual General Meeting

The feedback we’ve received from members about the Board’s Annual General Meeting last week has been mostly positive with Kudos like these, “well planned and executed,” “excellent job” and “great AGM.”

But there is one point about which almost every member agrees: the meeting ran too long. Or as a couple of members stated it, “waaaayy too long.”

Obviously the introduction of live stream and remote voting figured into the timing and length of the meeting this year. But the team that works on the AGM will definitely be taking all of your feedback into account and making a concerted effort to reduce the time commitment of an AGM.

But all in all, members shared their appreciation for the organization and inclusion that made this AGM special.

Other takeaways:

  • Having live stream and remote voting as an option for member participation is a welcome new addition to the Board’s democratic process.
  • The majority of members expressed a preference for the live feel of a meeting room and the opportunity to hang out and network with other members in the conference room. (Plus, they really liked the breakfast buffet.)
  • Many members were simply unable to attend the AGM in person either due to other commitments, or because they were ill or out of the area so they appreciated having the opportunity to watch the meeting and participate.
  • Members have made useful suggestions to incorporate in the future including having more cameras for the live stream viewers, a shorter voting window, and more chairs.
  • Members said the information channels they found the most useful in helping them prepare for voting were Board emails, presentations at the Breakfast Meetings and REALTOR Link®.

The Board thanks every member who takes the two to three minutes to fill out the AGM survey. This is your Board and this is your chance to weigh in and let us know what you think. The post AGM survey remains open until Friday, March 6 and if you click here to complete the survey, you’ll be entered to win one of two $50 gift cards.