What do a tortoise, rabbit and cheetah have to do with getting your listings loaded up faster?

Let Board President Chris Shields explain! (Run time: 2 minutes 55 seconds)

Have more questions? Check out the Broker Load FAQs below.

Broker Load FAQs

1. What is Broker Load and why should I care? 

  • FVREB originally launched Broker Load in November 2017 in response to Broker feedback requesting more control over their listings and to give members a third option for listing uploads (in addition to REALTOR® Load (ADT) and Board Load.) 

2. If Broker Load is the third option, what are the other two? 

  • Glad you asked! – the other two are Board Load and Upload Listing (formerly REALTOR® Load ADT). 

3. Boy, that’s a lot of jargon! What’s the difference between Board Load, Upload Listing and Broker Load? – I’m confused…

  • Board Load is where a brokerage has to approve and then send all the listing documents to the Board. The listing costs $50 and takes as much as 48 hours to become active.  
    • Thereafter, staff literally re-enter everything that the Realtor already filled in on WEBForms®. That’s twice the work, which is why it’s more expensive.
  • Upload Listing (formerly referred to as REALTOR® Load (ADT), allows the Realtor, to take control of their own listings. No need to wait for Board staff or the Board’s office hours.  
    • Listings are entered by the Realtor using Upload Listing and they can start uploading files such as strata documents and photos for the listing right away in Paragon. 
    • Realtors do all the data entry themselves and pay only $15, not $50.   
    • The Brokerage checks the data and emails the paperwork to the Board, giving final approval. Remember brokerages own their listings and are responsible for them. 
    • ADT listings are active within a few hours or up to 24 hours, depending on when Board staff can activate them during Board office hours. 
  • Broker Load and Upload Listing combined are the most economical and quick way to get listings on the MLS®. 
    • Broker Load and Upload Listing allows Realtors to decide when their listings are posted and when they are updated/amended. 
    • Nothing is faster. That’s because members load the data and the Realtor’s office has total control as to when that data goes live – late afternoon, evenings, early mornings, or weekends. 
    • It’s possible for a Broker Load listing to be uploaded through ADT and activated by the Brokerage within an hour. Listing changes…. Even less! 
    • This option allows Realtors to be more efficient by reducing their paperwork. In the time it takes for the Realtor’s office staff to gather and send documents to the Board, the Realtor could be activating their listing or its amendments.  

4. If that’s the case, why haven’t more members signed up for Broker Load?? – explain that! 

  • Broker Load removes the middle party – the Board.  
  • When FVREB first launched Broker Load, almost a third of brokerages took the training, but did not follow through Why? Understandably, Brokers didn’t want to deal with the data load part. And back then, we did not have such a high adoption rate for ADT.  
  • Fast forward to today and over 80 per cent of FVREB’s listings are entered via Upload Listing.  
  • Now, becoming a Broker Load office is a smart business decision. It gives Realtors and their offices as well as the FVREB, a competitive advantage.  

5. Okay, well then, I’m sold! How do I sign-up, when will it launch, and wait, what’s the set-up cost? 

  • We’re excited to be relaunching Broker Load this fall.  
  • Training for offices is now free. It’s online and self-directed. For more info on how to get started and to sign-up, give our Helpdesk a call at 604-930-7626 or visit our Broker Load page on REALTOR Link®. 

Source: FVREB Communications