How to get your listings loaded like a “Cheetah”

As Chris Shields explained in last week’s video, the fastest and most economical way to get your listing posted on the MLS® requires a combination of Upload Listing (formerly ADT) and Broker Load (the “Cheetah” method).

Entering listings this way gives each office total control over when a listing and any contractual changes appear to your clients and potential buyers on

Today we’d like to address the most common misconception about Broker Load – that your office needs to manually enter data like a Board-loaded listing (the “Tortoise” method).

When Broker Load was launched in 2017, nearly a third of brokerages took the training, but many did not follow through on using it because they were worried about having to manually enter all the data and Remarks.

We have good news – now that over 80 per cent of members have adopted Upload Listing (ADT), offices do not need to manually re-enter the data their members already entered into the Multiple Listing Contract & Data Input Form in WEBForms®.

With Upload Listing, the listing information is entered by a Realtor and the listing appears on Paragon® right away – meaning they can start to upload strata documents, a title search and up to 40 photos for their listing without delay. Members complete the data entry themselves (via WEBForms®) and pay only $15 (versus $50 for a Board-loaded listing). Then, the office checks and emails the paperwork to the Board’s MLS® team, giving their final approval for the listing to appear on the MLS®.

The uploaded listing is usually activated using within a few hours or up to 24 hours, depending on when Board staff can get to it during the Board’s office hours.

Start using Upload Listing:

If you are not using Upload Listing already, find out how you can get started here.

The genius of Broker Load plus Upload Listing – the “Cheetah” method:

Now for the game changer – if your office is also set up for Broker Load, a listing can be loaded on the MLS® even faster than by Upload Listing alone.

With the “Cheetah” method, there’s no need to wait for Board staff to activate a listing or make a change – your office can do that for you on your office’s schedule. That means your office can make your listing appear on or make contractual changes such as price changes, expiry date extensions, and commission changes for you – often within hours.

Bonus tip: You can use Upload Listing to enter a listing located in a Greater Vancouver community, even though the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver does not use Upload Listing. And, your office can activate the listing for you.

How an office can access Broker Load:

If your office does not yet have access to Broker Load, here’s how they can be set up.

1. Visit our Broker Load page on REALTOR Link®.

2. Select the Broker Load “experts” from your office and ask them to view the free training webinar found on our Broker Load REALTOR Link® page.

3. If needed, have the Broker Load experts fill out an “Application for Non-Licensees MLS® Subscription with the FVREB.” The initial application fee is $50 and a monthly subscription fee of $15 will be charged thereafter.

4. Once the Broker Load experts have viewed the training webinar, ask them to complete the Broker Load Competency Survey found on the Broker Load REALTOR Link® page. Note: An individual must correctly answer at least 80 per cent of the questions to pass the survey. In order to achieve the required level of knowledge, an individual can review the Broker Load webinar as many times as needed.

5. You’re almost there! Here’s the final step for your office. They need to fill out the “Broker Load Access Authorization“ form (also posted on REALTOR Link®) and list the names of their Broker Load experts.

That’s it! Submit your listings the “Cheetah” way.

More information:

Here’s a handy Broker Load Checklist for you to share with your office. We’ve outlined the steps required for Broker Load plus Upload Listing and Broker Load without Upload Listing.

Please encourage them to save it, print it, bookmark it, or post it somewhere – it’s for them and for you to use.

If you or your office needs technical expertise, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626. We’re here to help!

Source: FVREB Communications