Summertime and the livin’ is not so easy for many REALTORS®

According to the song, summertime is when the livin’ is easy. But this year, it may not be.  June is really slow for real estate, and many REALTORS® are feeling it. 

There has been a 10.5 per cent decrease in our Board’s listings this June compared to June of last year. You’ve all heard the reasons why but that doesn’t change the facts. Historically market lulls are temporary and change is around the corner. But what about in the meantime?  Life doesn’t stop when the market winds down.

Is it time to storm the punch bowl and throw more shrimp on the barbie? You can do that and also take advantage of the lull, if you are having one, and do those things you don’t get around to doing when things are more hectic.

Things to do on during summer vacation

1.Sign up for a class at the Board or a course or workshop offered by a local college or library.

2. Learn more about the new technologies available through your Board including AUTOPROP which was introduced by your President Darin Germyn in this video. You can also find an AUTOPROP navigational tutorial on REALTOR Link® that will help you make full use of this new information tool.  

3. Clean up your computer files and office debris. What better time to refresh your workspace?

4. Take time to get away and relax but prepare your business for your absence.

How to prepare for your vacation from the office

  • Set up your email to forward to an assistant or replacement. Touchbase is useful if you want to forward any queries about your properties to another REALTOR®. Just go into your Touchbase Settings and click on the ‘Replacements’ button. Select the name of your alternate from the drop-down list. Next, specify the covering period. Finish by clicking the button, ‘Save ’
  • Let your active clients know in advance that you’ll be away and give them the information they’ll need to get in touch with the person covering for you.
  • You will probably want the person covering for you to have access to everything they would need to assist your clients. With your authorization, they can “assume your identity” and log in to the MLS® system as you. In Paragon, it’s called “Assume Identity”. For more information on how to set up this feature, read this Tech Tip article.
  • Set up a detailed away message letting people know exactly when you’ll be out of the office and who to contact in your absence if they need assistance. Also, be sure to let people know if you’re checking voicemails/emails/texts even sporadically while away, or if appropriate, how they can reach you in case of an urgent matter.
  • For safety reasons, avoid announcing your absence or sharing vacation photos on social media until you’re back. Criminals use social media channels to look for targets to burglarize.
  • Also, make sure your replacement is not tricked into phishing scams with fake emails and texts that seem to be coming from you, or to you, from your family and friends. Good advice and reminders can be found in  this Tech Tip previously published in NewsReal.
  • If you are tech-savvy and set-up for paperless transactions and email signatures, in a pinch you may manage a deal remotely, if necessary. But, know how to do this well BEFORE you head out of town.

Summer may be slow but it can be a time to be productive or relaxing or both. Take ‘er easy.