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Historic AGM turnout yields four new resolutions

Congratulations to all 930 members who participated in this year’s Annual General Meeting, whether in-person, remotely or by proxy. It was the highest number for any AGM in our history! 

We are especially pleased that the new live stream and remote voting system not only expanded member opportunity to be engaged in the Board’s decision-making, but there were virtually no technical problems in this, our first year, of the remote voting launch.

The results of votes for this year’s Special Resolutions are below. But before you read further, please join us in congratulating the 2020 John Armeneau Professional of the Year, Chris Whitehead of Macdonald Realty. Congratulations Chris!

The results on the five special resolutions brought to this year’s AGM are:

Resolution #1 Change the Board of Directors Term Start Date PASSED

Change the Board of Directors term start date from March 1 to April 1.

Resolution #2 – Staff job titles change PASSED

Replace the titles “Director of Operations” and “Senior Bookkeeper” with “Executive Director” and “Controller” respectively.

Resolution #3 – Adopt the Societies Act recommended threshold for voting PASSED

Adopt the Societies Act required 2/3 threshold for voting (66 2/3% majority) needed to pass a Special Resolution instead of the existing threshold of 75%.

Resolution #4 – Offer Member Direct Billing PASSED

This Resolution lays out all the terms and conditions for Member Direct Billing and how a firm or member who has been suspended for non-payment, may be reinstated.

Resolution #5 – Reinstatement of members suspended or expelled for non-payment of Board fees – WITHDRAWN.

Since Resolution #4 passed, Resolution #5 was no longer needed and was therefore withdrawn.

For details on the directors, resolutions and more, visit our AGM 2020 page on REALTOR Link®.

AGM 2020 attendance:

  • 393 in person
  • 296 online
  • 241 proxies