AGM 2023 Survey Result: the highlights and the challenges

This year we hosted the AGM at a new venue – Sheraton Guildford Hotel offering a hybrid model. This approach allowed members to participate from any location, whether at home, or at the office.

Overall, member satisfaction was an average score of 76%, identifying areas for improvement. Let’s delve into the specifics. 

  • Some results were expected, such as the approval of the presentation of the John Armeneau award at 95%. Congratulations to John Barbisan!
  • The CEO Report with 75% satisfaction.
  • We were surprised that members primarily get their information from emails from the Board, eMemos and on the AGM Page on FVREB Connect. We also received a weighted average of 5.70 out of 7 (81%) regarding satisfaction with the level of information prior to the AGM.
  • What motivated members to attend this year’s AGM? Not surprisingly, the number one reason people attended was for the elections and in second place – updates on the Board’s activities.
  • Regarding some of our processes, members were very satisfied with tech support, with an astounding 70% satisfied of satisfied. However, our voting process had a slightly lower score of 24% dissatisfied.
  • In-person registration received a rating of 85.7%, which matched online attendee satisfaction in joining the meeting.
  • One takeaway was a shortage of parking spaces. Although the Sheraton had over 300 parking spots reserved, parking was identified as an area for improvement. Next year we will commit to finding a solution, which may include use of the Board’s parking lot. We received many positive comments from members about the hybrid approach as the way of the future.   allowing members to fully participate in voting and asking questions.
  • A surprising 62% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the new venue at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel.

Here are some of the comments that reflect member sentiments:

The Hybrid AGM and Election process is an excellent innovative setup. It allowed more Realtors to participate at their convenience in the ever-important Real Estate event. All the speakers were excellent in delivering their speeches with respect. To me all of them are winners having successful performed their respective roles for the scheduled AGM get together. A big thank you to all organizers ad participants! Very proud of all of them!! Cheers!!!

We also received comments regarding our new venue.

I would be happy if the event was held at Sheraton Guildford next year. The FVREB staff were so organized. Registration was a snap. The communicators and reminders leading up to the AGM were excellent. Having a Hybrid option looks like the wave of the future.

Did you know? Even though the AGM is a two-hour event, multiple departments collaborate over many months of planning. That’s right! While staff are balancing their everyday tasks, they’re also preparing for the AGM – while some staff, such as our Project Managers, Gregg Medwid and Asif Azam began planning in October 2022.

We truly appreciate your feedback and thank you to all survey respondents. And, congratulations to our draw prize winners, Tamara Kosaba and Aleah Meehan,  who each won a $100 VISA gift card.

We hope to see you at next year’s AGM!