Our Helpdesk is still receiving a lot of calls regarding the new WEBForms® platform powered by TransactionDesk and the new ‘Upload Listing’ (formerly ADT) function.

This second article tackles one of the main sources of frustration – the Residential Data Input Form (DIF). (If you missed the first article on tips regarding the new Upload Listing function, click here.)

You may not have noticed – because it looks similar – that the DIF has changed. Our DIF, shared by members of the three Lower Mainland boards and BC Northern, had to be redesigned to be able to integrate with the new TransactionDesk platform and ‘Upload Listing’ tool.

The result is that under certain circumstances, it doesn’t function as it did before, which can be frustrating when you don’t expect it. Once you know what has changed on the DIFs, you can anticipate many error messages before they happen.

Top DIF questions when trying to use ‘Upload Listing:’

1. Can’t find the ‘Upload Listing’ button

The ‘Upload Listing’ button isn’t visible when you’re viewing the Multiple Listing Contract. It only becomes visible AFTER you’ve opened one of the four DIFs: Residential, Attached, Detached or Multi-Family. Tip: They all say (Upload Listing) after their name to let you know that they’re the only forms you can upload from.

2. Error message “The commission field is required”

If you’re seeing this error message, it means that Section 5 d. (ii) of the MLS® contract regarding Cooperating Brokerage Commission does not automatically transfer to the Residential DIF’s last page (this page is new). This information MUST be filled in on that last page of the DIF, so either copy and paste it from the MLS® contract or manually fill it in on that last page of the DIF and then you will be able to upload your listing.

3. Have a Vancouver area listing? Use your FVREB DIF NOT REBGV’s

This is different from the process in Legacy WEBForms®. Now, no matter where your listing is located in the Lower Mainland (or BCNREB), use the DIF from the FVREB folder. This ensures that you will have access to the ‘Upload Listing’ function. Remember, ‘Upload Listing’ is the replacement for our old homegrown tool, REALTOR® Load (ADT).  In WEBForms® Legacy, you used to have to check a ‘radio’ button before starting a kit to choose another board. Not anymore.

4. Some mandatory fields are new AND a couple aren’t designated as mandatory – but, they are all necessary to upload.

  • In this new DIF, you must select both the Street Type AND Street Direction (in addition to Unit no., house no. and street name)
  • Although fields #080 and #084 aren’t black boxes (indicating required), you MUST fill them in: both the Area AND Sub-area/Community.
  • Field #308 includes a new drop-down menu to select the Floor Level and Room Type FOR EACH ROOM. You must do this for each room. In the old DIF, this field required you to select one floor level for each row; and then every room on that row had to be on that level. The change was made to make better use of the limited number of boxes. Now you can have up to five rooms per row and within the row each room can be on any floor level that you designate.  
  • Also, in Field #308, you need to add room dimensions for each room. You must include the symbol for feet – i.e. 12’ – but, do NOT include the symbol for inches – i.e. 12’ 10. Also, do not manually add the times symbol – X – which is visible in the instructions i.e. 12’7 x 10’3. The X should not be entered in the field box. If you put the X in, you’ll get an error message. Here’s a proper example:
  • In field #310, select Floor Level, # of PCS and if it’s an Ensuite bathroom, you have a new drop-down option, Yes or No. The default is No. If it is an Ensuite you need to click on the down arrow and choose Yes. Before, Yes was a check box. 

5. OPEN or TOUR dates and times do NOT upload to Paragon

Even though you may have entered OPEN or TOUR dates and times in fields #412 and #414 on the DIF AND received a “Upload Successful” dialogue box after you clicked the Upload Listing button, this information did NOT automatically transfer to Paragon.

You need to manually post any OPEN or TOUR information directly into your listing on Paragon.

6. Field #100 in the DIF must match whoever’s logged in

*This is a tip for teams or members who work with unlicensed assistants*  

The name of the Designated Agent 1 does NOT upload from the DIF; it uploads based on whom-ever is logged in. So, your team member may be logged in, uploading a listing on your behalf and types in your name to Field #100 – Designated Agent 1 – and their name in field #106 as Designated Agent 2 – but, it’s not your name that uploads to the Designated Agent 1 field on Paragon, it’s theirs, because they are the one who is logged into CREA WEBForms®.

Note: Information in the fields Designated Agent 2 and 3 does upload correctly from the information on the DIF.  

Contact the Board’s Helpdesk for more information on how teams should be working within the new TransactionDesk platform to ensure the right name uploads.  

How do you know if your DIF was properly filled in?

Once the listing is successfully uploaded, a dialogue box will display with the upload results message: “Upload Successful” and the MLS® Number of your newly uploaded listing. Then you can hop on over to Paragon to add your Pictures, Open Houses or Agent Opens!

And remember, if you need help, contact FVREB Helpdesk or (604) 930-7626.  And, you can also contact CREA Support or 1-(888) 237-7945. They have extended evening hours currently to help with the influx of WEBForms® calls. They’re open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm our time, and on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 7 pm, our time.