The OSRE is looking for feedback on the role of Managing Broker

Members will have received a survey via email from the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate, who are working in collaboration with Council to better understand the role and responsibilities of Managing Brokers through your feedback.

From the OSRE:

“Managing brokers occupy a critical role in the industry and have formal responsibility for the business operations of their brokerage and the actions of the licensed and unlicensed staff who provide services on the brokerage’s behalf. OSRE is aware that changing business models and practices may be adversely influencing the ability of managing brokers to effectively uphold their regulatory duties.

To ensure that challenges are being properly identified and the right potential solutions are considered, we want to hear from licensees. OSRE is seeking feedback on the issues and challenges that impact managing brokers’ ability to fulfill their regulatory duties (e.g. supervision of related licensees and unlicensed staff, brokerage operations, trust accounts, etc.) and what changes would help to address those issues.”

The survey will be open until September 28, and there will also be further opportunities to provide feedback and participate in their information gathering in the coming months.

If you have questions about the survey or project you can email the OSRE at