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Awesome, you’re using Agent Modify! Also, ‘What’s Agent Modify?’

That’s right! As of last month, 1,576 members are using or have used Agent Modify for their listings! That’s over half of our Board’s membership who are editing their listings on their own without the assistance of our MLS® department.

For those not in the loop, Agent Modify is a service that allows approved members to edit the remarks and non-contract fields of their Residential listings without requiring the assistance of the Board’s MLS® department. It was initially introduced for MLXchange and Fusion in 2014 and is now fully integrated into Paragon. If you want to join the new majority, here’s everything you need to know:

How does one become authorized to use Agent Modify, you ask?

It’s easy! To use Agent Modify, you must obtain written approval from y our office’s Member Link using the  “Agent Modify Access Authorization” form located on REALTOR Link®. Once the form has been completed and signed by the Member Link, send it to the Board’s Membership department for processing.

Once your access is activated, you will be notified via email and sent instructions on how to access the feature (once you’ve been notified of your activation, it may take up to one business day to take effect.)

What happens when I edit a field on my listing?

Once you have made modifications to your listing, the changes will appear live immediately on Paragon. Yup, immediately. Cool, huh?

Note: As mentioned in our most recent Tech Tip, the Board uploads listing changes to at 7 pm each evening. Through Agent Modify, the changes you make will always be included in that day’s data upload (so long as it’s before 7 pm), avoiding the delay that may come if done through the MLS® department on a busy day; If made after the cut-off, the changes will appear the next day.

What else should I know?

When modifying the Remarks fields on your listing, it is important to remember the following:

  • Any information that is required in the REALTOR® remarks may not be removed or abbreviated. This includes but is not limited to: Subject to Probate; Subject to Court Approval; Non-registered strata property – Contact LR; PRIVACY – DO NOT SOLICIT; Property contains accommodation which is not authorized.
  • Any commission references in the REALTOR® remarks may not be removed, moved or abbreviated. These references may only be removed or amended by MLS® staff once the Listing Brokerage has submitted an amendment form to the Board that is signed by the Seller(s) and Managing Broker.
  • Contact information including but not limited to names, phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses may not appear in the Public or Internet Remarks of a listing.
  • The promotion of properties not currently on MLS® is not permitted.

Who should I contact if I run into an issue or have a question about Agent Modify?

Contact our Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or 1-800-908-1494.