REALTORS® of BC vote postponed to December 6

The date for the province-wide vote on the REALTORS® of BC proposal had been tentatively scheduled for June 28.

After consulting with boards and members, the President’s Working Group has decided to postpone the vote to provide enough time to Boards across the province to fully engage and inform their members about the proposal. The new vote date is Tuesday, December 6. Over the coming months, the Board will meet with members to ensure that any questions from members about REALTORS® of BC are answered before the vote.

For information on what’s being proposed, visit the REALTORS® of BC website.

To find out what REALTORS® around BC are saying about the proposal and to join the discussion, visit Real Talk. Real Talk is an interactive site dedicated to encouraging a professional dialogue among REALTORS®, Brokers and real estate board/association staff on a variety of topics related to the profession.