Showing Etiquette 101: A message from a fellow member

by Dennis Wilson, Manager, Professional Standards

I received the following message from a fellow member that is a great reminder.

Good Morning,

I would like to share with you my experience over the last four months in particular, regarding events that have occurred with our clients while their homes were listed.

Realtors should know to remove their shoes, lock up tight, Touchbase or connect with all listing Realtors to make arrangements for showings. Lockbox cards are critical; you cannot show up unannounced, do not send your clients to “walk the property” without requesting that first through the listing Realtor… the list goes on and on!

Realtors should not be going in people’s yards just to take a peek, without an appointment or knocking on people’s doors for a viewing that has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED BY ME just because they were showing a property in the neighbourhood and thought they would check. Or saying they had a confirmed appointment when they did not. Sometimes it is a language barrier or the written word is not understood. We have a safe system in place with Touchbase and lockboxes to protect our sellers and ourselves. Some Realtors do not have lockbox cards and I would encourage their managers to suggest that their Realtors get them. That would avoid the need to give a one day code to someone who may not actually be at the property for the showing. We all state that we do not give out one day codes, but it is constantly requested.

We recently heard that one of our clients, whose sign had just gone in the ground, had people in his yard while he was barbecuing (not confirmed) and also his back door left unlocked when showings started.

A grandma had just gotten out of the shower to find the people standing in her kitchen 30 minutes earlier than the requested time. If you are really early, please call the listing Realtor. People have walked into an unlocked front door thinking that the “Please remove your shoes sign” was an open house sign. A Realtor showed up the other day at our listing when we already had an accepted an offer on it and I had cancelled a Touchbase showing. Sadly, these are not isolated events. These things are happening almost every day and I find it very frustrating as I want our clients to feel safe and secure while we help them navigate through the already stressful time of selling their family home.

Showing Etiquette 101 is something that may need to be taught. Back to basics like locking up, leaving a card, removing shoes, if you are late or early let the listing Realtor know, Touchbasing for all showings… these are all common sense details but they seem to be lacking in this crazy market.

Fraser Valley member