10 great ways to show your clients they’re number one

Everyone likes having someone on their side. So when clients call on an expert to help them out, it’s not only for the expert’s knowledge. It’s also to have someone who puts their needs first.

Here are some ways to show your client they’re number one:

  1. Tell them when you will be in touch with specific dates and times (convenient for them)
  2. Always take their calls or return calls as soon as possible
  3. Show up on time for appointments
  4. Dress well when you have in-person meetings
  5. Don’t cancel or postpone appointments with the client
  6. Avoid sending another person to replace you at showings
  7. Come to meetings prepared with necessary materials and documents
  8. Let them know in advance if you are going out of town or unavailable for extended periods
  9. Check in with the client from time to time even if you don’t have a property to show that day
  10. If you tell the client you will do something for them — do it

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