VIDEO: Your Board CEO and President in Conversation: How REALTORS® Protect Clients in a Seller’s Market

As you well know, the market right now and for the last eight months, has been nuts. Unforeseeable. Unrelenting. Unbelievable.

As soon as family-sized homes in our region, priced correctly, are listed, Realtors are receiving dozens of requests for information and showings, followed by multiple offers.

How are buyers and sellers supposed to navigate such a market, during a pandemic no less, where speed and expertise are essential?

As FVREB CEO, Baldev Gill, and President, Chris Shields, explain in part two of our special video series, clients must rely on a professional to protect them.

Here is veteran broadcaster, Stu McNish, interviewing your CEO and President in a conversation that matters.

Run time: 5:47

Next week, Baldev and Chris, explain the necessity for the 2021 membership dues increase to ensure members and the Board are equipped for the future.

Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about sustained seller’s markets in our region (they are rare!), check out our story, entitled: “The mighty SALR: Your statistical friend in a seller’s market”, which details the only other comparable markets to the one we’re currently in. And it outlines the best statistic you should be sharing with clients if you aren’t already.

Source: FVREB Communications