2020 Incredible Year for FVREB Media Coverage – Both Traditional and Social

We keep saying it, but it bears repeating, what a year! In so many ways, last year was a year like no other – due to the pandemic – and the Board’s media coverage and social engagement were no exception.

COVID-19 had a profound impact on the Lower Mainland housing market starting with the lockdown in March of 2020 and then the subsequent dramatic real estate rebound starting in June and still going on.

This was reflected in both FVREB media coverage as well as our Board’s social media activity. Dramatic swings in the market or record-breaking trends typically attract media attention because it meets the media values of impact, rarity, locality, timeliness, and importance. Everyone knows how important real estate is to Lower Mainland consumers – it is always one of the top topics of discussion around the ‘dinner table’ – because for so many homeowners, it is their most important and most valuable financial investment.

For this reason, it is not surprising that consecutive monthly home sale records in our region – that often saw even more dramatic increases than REBGV – caught the media eye in 2020 and noticeably increased our traditional media coverage.

In a report shared recently with your Board of Directors, FVREB saw its media exposure increase 123% in 2020 compared to 2019. And followers to our social media channels more than tripled! Here are just a few of the amazing highlights from our traditional media and social media analyses for 2020.

Traditional Media Coverage of the FVREB in 2020

  • FVREB mentioned in 1,200 articles (increased 123% compared to 2019)
  • Positive coverage of FVREB increased by 32 points in 2020 with October receiving the highest volume of positively-charged articles – 157
  • BCLocalNews.com (local Fraser Valley newspapers) mentioned the FVREB the most accounting for 26% of the volume of our top publishers
  • Top influencer? Canadian Press
  • FVREB was mentioned in 9 countries with Mainland China representing 1% of our coverage
  • FVREB’s coverage was the equivalent of $5.5 million dollars worth of advertising
  • Our media requests – for live or recorded interviews with the Board’s President – doubled compared to 2019.

FVREB Social Media Exposure in 2020 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – and what will be measurable for 2021, our recently launched Instagram account

Whew, did we say it was quite a year?! Yes, writing, building, posting, and sharing kept your Board’s Communications staff very busy in 2020, but you may not realize the important role that YOU played in helping us elevate the Realtor and FVREB brands.

You are consuming our posts and media coverage. You are sharing them with your clients. You are commenting and recommending.

And most importantly, you are actively working, providing an integral professional service in your communities – guiding, advising, and protecting your clients – in the public eye. It goes without saying, that without you, we would have no MLS® data to talk about and it’s our FVREB data that consistently garners the most media attention every year, not just during a pandemic. 

THANK YOU for helping us to achieve one of our Board’s strategic goals, which is to increase awareness and respect for both the Board and Fraser Valley Realtors.

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Source: FVREB Communications