This week’s fabulous new listing!

Description: This fantastic dream home is a two-storey heritage building with two sleigh garage in the desirable Reindeer District. High-end fondant trim runs throughout the house. Authentic cinnamon cookie flooring. Luxurious kitchen with marble chocolate countertops. All new foil wrapped milk chocolate appliances. Artisan handcrafted gumdrop crown moulding in living room. Entire home heated by Christmas spirit. Graham cracker roof put on less than one year ago. Newly paved fudge driveway. Shortbread back deck overlooks jellybean forest. Plan a tour today!

Located on 25 Cringlewood Drive, Toy Village, tours of this virtual life-sized gingerbread home, complete with candy chandeliers and ice cream sandwich sofas, are available now.

The Gingerbread Dream Home campaign — from now until December 10 — is a partnership between the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and Habitat for Humanity.  The partnership aims to inspire Canadians to make donations for local building projects for those in need of housing.  And the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board is on board, urging members to check out this listing and submit a donation.

One hundred percent of each donation will go directly to our local Habitat to help build more affordable homes for local, working low-income families in our Fraser Valley communities.

The donor giving the largest donation nationally will receive a miniature replica of the gingerbread dream home. CREA will also supply a holiday treat to each participating board to award one lucky donor from their area.

You can make a donation going through CREA’s Gingerbread Dream Home Campaign page, or by going directly to the Habitat for Humanity page where you can select which Habitat for Humanity district you want to direct your donation gift:  Upper Fraser Valley includes the communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and Kent.  Vancouver extends from Vancouver to Aldergrove.

Visit CREA’s Cafe for more information about the Gingerbread Dream House campaign.