Tech Tip # 4 – Webforms “Sign-in As” Setting

The ‘sign-in as’ function in Webforms can be a helpful tool for members who are busy making sales or working hard to generate leads.

This function allows an Unlicensed Assistant (UA) or a team member to ‘assume’ your identity to help you prepare documents or update (sale) information in Paragon.

To enable the ‘sign-in as’ function in Webforms, you will need to add your team member to your ‘assume-identity’ list in Paragon, under Preferences>Users>Assume-Identity.

The settings in Paragon then transfer to Webforms after a two hour ‘sync’ process, enabling the ‘sign-in as’ option for your team member.

For members who have not yet created their CREA Single Sign-on account, team members will not be able to ‘assume your identity’ to assist with your sales or listings.