Not Yet on LinkedIn? Here’s Why You Should Join

Isn’t it ironic how the world’s largest professional social media network is the most underused, untapped, and misunderstood social media marketing tool?

Many REALTORS® (and professionals in other fields for that matter) aren’t incorporating LinkedIn into their marketing plans because they treat it as a simple networking tool. Yes, it is designed to help people make business connections, display and share resumes, find jobs, and enhance professional reputation. But when used strategically, LinkedIn can also be a goldmine for leads. (We’ll save this topic for another time. Stay tuned.)

LinkedIn vs Other Social Media Networks
We wouldn’t blame you if you find the pull of jazzier sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be stronger. There are more active users on these platforms. However, people mostly use them to unwind, socialize, and be entertained. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is designed for business.

Prospective clients use it to help find a real estate agent to help them with the home buying or selling process. Even if they find you on another site, there is a good chance they’ll check out your LinkedIn and do their homework before picking up the phone to call you.

LinkedIn’s lower signal-to-noise ratio also means your content stands out more. You don’t have to compete with cute pet photos or foodie images. That open house announcement you posted on Facebook that got no likes might have a better chance of connecting on LinkedIn.

The Algorithm
Organic reach is still a thing on this platform and LinkedIn wants you to make relevant connections. According to Pete Davies, Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, the mantra of the feed is “People you know, talking about the things you care about.” To put it simply, the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes personal connections based on interests. LinkedIn can see who you’re reaching out to via mail, who you’re engaging with or even who is visiting your website. From time to time, the platform will suggest that person as a potential connection.

Setting Up for Success
Is LinkedIn for you? Will it help your business as a REALTOR®? The answer is YES. But just like any other social media network, you need to dedicate time and effort so you can set yourself up for success. Here are some tips.

1) Update your bio and optimize your profile

  • Add a professional headshot and keep it consistent with the one that you use on your other social media profiles.
  • Choose a cover photo/banner that will make your profile stand out. Your LinkedIn profile’s background image is your first opportunity to create a positive first impression. This is the perfect place to highlight social proof or achievements.
  • Include the right keywords in your headline and bio.
  • Your “About” section should be equal parts storytelling and sales pitch.

2) Create a custom profile URL to optimize your profile for search engines.

To change your profile’s URL:

– Head to your profile, and on the right-hand side of the page, click on “Edit public profile & URL”.

– Under “Edit your custom URL”, click on the pencil icon beside your current URL.

– Type in your name/business name and click “Save”.

3) Build a network

  • Connect with people you know right away.
  • Join professional groups. If you’re feeling comfortable, you can also start your own.
  • Send personalizedconnection requests to your prospects. Introduce yourself and offer something of value.

4) Post relevant and shareable content to build likability, trust, and authority

Share content that will position you as the expert that you are. Endeavour to live by the GAP – or guide, advise, protect – principle.

5) Engage with your connections.

You should be doing this on all your social media profiles.

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Source: FVREB Communications