How to watch the Langley Breakfast meeting, join the discussion and vote remotely

1. Navigate to our custom FVREB dashboard

Use your web browser and the following URL:

You will be prompted to log in using your usual FVREB username and password.

Note: You may not be prompted to log in if you are already logged into Paragon or REALTOR Link®.

2. Understand the dashboard

The top of your screen shows the livestream in progress. Until the livestream begins, it is displaying a placeholder slide.

Scroll down to see the Simply Voting module, with three navigation buttons and any Current ballots displayed.

3. Cast your vote

When voting has opened, a question will appear in the Current Ballot section.

If you are eligible to vote, you will see the ballot. If you are NOT eligible to vote, this view will not change.

You will have two minutes to vote, which is based on the policies set out for remote voting (available on REALTOR Link). If you miss the two-minute voting window, you have missed your chance to vote.

4. Refresh your Simply Voting app home screen

If you cannot see the ballot question, click on the Home button to refresh the Simply Voting section.

5. Ask a question or make a comment

By clicking on the “Open Chat” icon, you can ask a private question or make a comment. Click in the “Ask a private question” box to begin typing.

Only the moderator can see your comment or questions.

Please specify that you want your questions/comment shared with the live meeting and the moderator will read it out for you (if that is the case). Be sure to include your full name and office, as you would do when commenting at an in-person meeting.

Otherwise, you can simply ask questions of the moderator, such as general or technical questions.

You also have the option to edit your question by clicking on “Edit” or remove your question by clicking “Remove.” Finally, click on the X to close the Q&A window.

Note: If you click the “Open Chat” icon again, you will see your question and any response from the moderator.

6. Log off when you’re done

And thanks for attending!