Commercial Paragon & DIF Updates: What You Need to Know

As previously announced, changes and updates to Paragon Commercial reports and fields are scheduled to take place on the evening of September 20, with all changes visible to members and third-party data recipients by early on September 21.

These new reports are the result of recommended changes to Paragon Commercial and the commercial Data Input Form (DIF) as requested by commercial members of the REBGV and the Fraser Valley, BC Northern, and Chilliwack and District real estate boards.

Enhanced Reports Means Better Information

All reports will be redesigned and reorganized to display information more clearly. Report information will now be grouped into sections such as measurements, lease details, general building data, and property data. For example, the ‘Business’ and ‘Business with Property’ reports will be combined into a single report. Further, reports that are no longer relevant or rarely used will be removed altogether.

As well, Lease listings will also undergo several noteworthy enhancements including:

  • Replacing the ‘Lease Rate Sq Ft per annum’ field with options that match the Authority to Lease contract (i.e. Gross Rent or Basic Rent per Annum per Sq Ft, per Month or per Annum).
  • Replacing three options from ‘Lease Type’ (Gross Escalating, Net Escalating, and Other) with two: Gross and Net.
  • Replacing ‘Lease Operating Cost Sq Ft’ with two options: Additional Rent per Annum per Sq Ft and/or Additional Rent per Month.

Click here for a rundown of the numerous updates and enhancements you’ll find on the updated commercial DIF and Commercial Paragon system.

Check Active Listings

Once all the changes are completed on Paragon Commercial, it is recommended that members review active listings to determine if there are any new fields available from which to add new information that may better represent the property.

When editing an existing active listing you may be prompted to add information to a new field, or an existing field which is now required. Note: You will not be able to save your changes until the information has been completed.

Important: Update Your Saved Searches

Some existing commercial field options are being deleted or changed, while others are being eliminated entirely. If your saved searches contain any of these particular fields or options, then these searches may return surprising results. It is recommended that members update saved searches on September 21. 

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Source: MLS® Team