Commercial Paragon Updates coming on September 20

A new Commercial Data Input Form (DIF) will be released September 20 and will include numerous updates requested by members of REBGV, FVREB and the BC Northern, and Chilliwack & District real estate boards.

These updates will add new fields, modify or remove some existing fields, and, depending on transaction and property types, make several fields mandatory. Here’s a rundown:

New fields:

  • ‘Minimum Divisible Space and Maximum Contiguous Space’
  • ‘Class of Space’
  • ‘Potential to Redevelop’ (providing members with the ability to search for potential redevelopment properties).

Existing fields to become mandatory:

  • ‘Appointment Name’ and ‘Appointment Phone’ will become mandatory on all listings.
  • ‘Zoning/Land Use’ will be renamed to ‘Zoning (Municipal Code)’ and will be mandatory for all listings.
  • ‘Subject Space Sq. Ft.’ will be required on all For Sale listings.
  • ‘Space Available for Lease’ will be required on all For Lease listings.
  • ‘Gross Property Tax’ and ‘Tax Year’ fields will be mandatory for all For Sale listings, with the exception of Business Only.
  • ‘Land Size Sq Ft’ and/or ‘Land Size Acres’ fields will be mandatory for all Agri-business, Business with Property, Land, and Multi-Family listings.
  • ‘Major and Minor Business Types’ will now be mandatory for all Business and Business with Property listings.
  • ‘Additional Rent’ fields will become mandatory if a value for the ‘Basic Rent’ field is provided.

Additional noteworthy updates:

  • Several unused or outdated fields/values will be removed.
  •  ‘Condo Strata Fee’ will be renamed to ‘Strata Fee’.
  • ‘Listing Realtor’ field renamed to ‘Designated Agent’.
  • Interest in Land offers a new option of ‘First Nations Lease’.
  • The ‘Environmental Assessment’ field options will be simplified to a ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not Applicable’ options. Also, note that if yes is checked, a comment field describing the nature of the assessment must be completed.
  • The ‘Seller Rt Reserved’ field will be removed from the Data Input Form. As required by the Rules of Cooperation this information is to be noted in the Listing Contract and the Realtor Remarks.
  • Paragon Listing Maintenance fields will be reordered to match the Commercial Data Input Form.

Reports and Saved Searches

These updates will result in significant changes to several commercial reports. We’ll share more about how your commercial reports are changing in our next communication.

We recommend you update your saved searches when the new Commercial DIF is released on September 20. Stay tuned for more info.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Source: FVREB MLS®