Changes to schools and boundaries in Surrey school district

Via Surrey Schools.

Surrey is British Columbia’s largest and fastest growing school district. Now almost 50 per cent larger than Vancouver and growing by over 1,000 students per year, the growth in Surrey schools matches the growth in the community.

For homebuyers, one of the key questions is often “where will our children go to school?” The purpose of this overview is to ensure that Realtors and buyers are aware of what is happening with  Surrey schools and so they can make informed decisions about the school catchments and where children may be able to attend school.

The best place for information

Each month, the Surrey Board of Education updates their “Active Capital Projects.” This covers new school construction, or additions that have been approved and funded or are already in construction.

In addition, complete with maps, there is a YouTube video of the Surrey Board’s active projects and long range planning.

With a new secondary school in Grandview Heights, a large addition at Pacific Heights, and two new elementary schools in Sunnyside Heights and in Douglas, there will be boundary adjustments in South Surrey and White Rock. The Surrey Board of Education has conducted public consultation and the details of the boundaries can be found in Option 2B in these pages of resources. The boundary changes impact many schools in South Surrey and White Rock.

There are many changes coming with the new schools and while the Surrey Board is excited, they must adjust boundaries to help facilitate the changes to the school district. If at any time you or a client would like to locate a child’s potential school click here.

The Surrey Board of Education has an enormous wealth of information online and you can, at any time, find out the status of construction and the future boundary positions simply by accessing the materials or by calling them at 604-596-7733 and asking for Jacob Zinn.