What’s new with the latest version of Paragon? A new app icon for your clients

As of Wednesday, July 28th, you are now using the most up to date version of Paragon: 5.84.  

This latest update introduces a new app icon and two key enhancements to your mobile version, Paragon Connect.

Here’s the rundown:  

  1. Collaboration Center – Shortcut app icon  

Black Knight has updated the default icon for the Collab Center on mobile devices to look more like an app icon. Your clients can save the icon on their mobile home screen for easy access.  You may need to guide them through setting this up.

The Collab Center isn’t a regular ‘app’ that clients can download from the app store. They need a URL from you. They’ll open that URL in Safari (it’s the browser that works best according to Black Knight), then select the upload function and then scroll down to select Add to Home Screen.

2. Map layers available in Paragon Connect   

You are now able to access your favorite default mapping layers from any device! The default layers that are available in desktop Paragon are now available in mobile Paragon (Paragon Connect). Tip: if you switch to the silver map type, you’ll be able to visualize better the map layers like flood plain, traffic areas, and more.

3. Multi-class search in Paragon Connect

In this new version of Paragon Connect you will have the ability to search across multiple property classes. This search syncs with Paragon Professional (desktop version) and will open the door to more search options.

As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.