FVREB eAlert: Stolen lockboxes

The Board is advising all members that a real estate brokerage located at 15414 24th Avenue in Surrey had a bike rack of approximately 50 or more lockboxes stolen on Saturday, July 31 or Sunday, August 1, 2021.

The thieves unbolted and removed the entire rack from the concrete parking lot. Many of the lockboxes belonged to members of other offices who had listings in the surrounding area. The theft has been reported to the Surrey RCMP – File #2021-116-165.

If your brokerage has a lockbox rack outdoors, we strongly urge you to consider enclosing it or securing it to the ground as permanently as possible (i.e., cementing or welding).

For guidance regarding the importance of maintaining lockbox security and informing clients of the inherent risks involved, please review this article from August 2020. 

Important update as of August 4, 2021
All lockboxes have been located and returned to the brokerage and only one was compromised. It is unknown if that lockbox had keys in it. We advise any affected Realtors to update your clients.

FVREB Communications