Voice recognition comes to Paragon with 5.70 release

Did you notice that you can now ‘talk’ to Paragon? The introduction of voice recognition is just one of the new enhancements included in Black Knight’s latest version of Paragon 5.70, updated on Tuesday night, April 23rd.

Another major improvement, which map users will really appreciate, is the map interface is no longer in a separate pop-up window, which allows you to go back and forth within Paragon without having to close the map. Hoorah!

Here are the highlights of Paragon’s latest upgrade:

1. Power Search Voice Recognition

You’ll notice a new microphone icon in your POWER SEARCH box. This new feature allows you to use voice input for a search.

You need to have a microphone activated on your desktop or mobile device and note; it only works on Google Chrome. This feature isn’t equipped for other browsers yet because it’s a prototype and this is the first launch.

Simply click the microphone icon – the first time you do it, Google Chrome will ask for permission to use your microphone – and then a microphone displays and asks “What can I find for you?”

TIP:  Best use for this new feature? Searching a specific address or MLS® number using your iPhone or Android microphone. It’s easier and faster than having to type it out.  Saying, 1234 Douglas Ave. for example, will bring up that address’ listing history.

2. Mapping – In Property Search, Property History Search, and Mapping Search, the Map is no longer in a pop-up box, it loads into the main search window.

This is awesome! You can now easily go back and forth within Paragon without closing the map. You can toggle between the Search Criteria, the Map and the Run search results without having to go back to criteria to re-open the map. All the functionality within the mapping tool is the same.

A couple of other mapping improvements include:

A new search box – Center Map on this Address – this is now clearly visible in Map Search (before it was buried under preferences.)

TIP: Great tool for planning a property driving tour around a specific address i.e. school, parks, shopping centre, etc.

Also, the listing status markers on the map – active, sold, expired, etc. – are now different colours so that you can quickly tell them apart.  Green is ACTIVE. SOLD is blue and EXPIRED is red.

3. Quick Searches – you can now recall, re-run or save previous Quick Searches

Another great new, time-saving enhancement. How many times have you wished you could save your last Quick Search? Well, now you can.

Click on LAST QUICK SEARCH to select the one you want. Execute the search and then select Save Search or Save Search As.

Also, Paragon now auto-saves your last FIVE Quick Searches.

Your saved Quick Searches can be opened into the Multi-Class Property Search form by using the Load Saved Search option, or from Saved Property Searches.

And finally, a quick mention… the Search tab has a new name: Power Search Tab.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact our very friendly Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca

The next Paragon update is scheduled for mid-June, talk to you then!