Last minute surge in interest in sale of “Back 40”

As the deadline for offers draws near, there’s been a flurry of calls, emails and requests for non-disclosure agreements regarding the sale of the Board’s primely-situated vacant land. If you know of any developers or buyers potentially interested in this rare opportunity, please let them know that the Board is receiving offers to purchase by no later than 4 pm on Tuesday, April 30th.

As many of you are aware, FVREB has owned the “Back 40” – over 3.5 acres of prime, undeveloped land immediately northeast of our board office in Guildford – for almost 50 years. We came to own the land thanks to five visionary REALTORS® and past presidents who offered it to the board at cost back in the early 70’s with the hope that it someday be used to make a difference in our communities.

We announced at our AGM in February that the land is now being offered for sale, with proceeds going to the Fraser Valley REALTORS Charitable Foundation, established in 2016. Interest from that endowment fund will benefit local charities across our region in perpetuity. Three of the surviving purchasers remain honorary members today – John Woodword, Reg Titus and Ian Macnaughton. They say they never dreamt that the land could be worth what it is today and are absolutely thrilled and humbled at the enormous potential of their legacy.

The story has been covered recently in the Western Investor and REMonline and has received a lot of traction on our social media channels @FVREB. If you can think of a potential buyer or buyer representative who may be interested, there is still time! Please direct them to our public site at

Those interested in additional information regarding the sale process or who wish to submit an offer may contact FVREB Executive Assistant Darcie Rosenberg. Again, all offers must be submitted by 4 pm, April 30, 2019.