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Template Kits are coming to CREA WEBForms® 5

Template Kits are coming to CREA WEBForms® 5 on Thursday, August 10!

With Template Kits you can set-up and save groups of forms that can be easily accessed for ongoing use, saving you plenty of time and effort when working with different clients.

On top of that, when you create a new Transaction Kit based on a previously created Template Kit, all of the details entered into the template will be pre-populated into the new Transaction Kit via the Editor feature. For example, you can fill-in certain fields on forms within a Template Kit, such as your brokerage or specified terms, that will then be added in automatically each time you create a Transaction Kit from it.

You can create a Template Kit by clicking on the tab at the top of the screen:


To introduce the Template Kit feature, CREA WEBForms® 5 will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, August 9 at 10:00 PM for approximately three hours.

Following maintenance, you will be asked if you’d like to use the latest version of WEBForms® or continue to use the old version.

For those who would like an introduction to the latest version of CREA WEBForms®, the Board will be hosting a ‘Transition to CREA WEBForms® 5’ session for free on Monday, August 14th at both 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM which you can register for through the TLC Calendar.