A red push pin sits at the junction of two roads on a generic road map that is void of any place names or landmarks.

Tech Tip: Manually map your property in Paragon

When one of your listings has been successfully uploaded to Paragon, you will now be required to manually map your new listing on Paragon.

When your listing is uploaded, no mapping location will be provided to Paragon. Without this information, your property will not appear properly on any public site and will not be searchable via a map search.

On Paragon, the mapping icon will display “NO MAP AVAILABLE.”

1. With your listing uploaded to Paragon via CREA WEBForms® 2019 (TransactionDESK®) “Upload Listing,” proceed to Paragon and log in.

2. Within Paragon from the top Menu bar, select the icon Listings.

3. Under Listings from the column entitled Maintain select Listings.

4. Now select the New Listing that was just uploaded, by selecting the option at the end of the line Select An Action.

If you accidentally click on the ML#  you are NOT able to maintain the mapping location within this screen. To back out simply close the tab that is now open for that listing, and you will be brought back to the select a listing screen, then choose.

5. The Select an Action window will now be open.

6. From this window please select Change Geocode.

7. After you select Change Geocode you will be brought to a map tool.

8. On this screen, you can now drag the map to the correct location of the property. You can get as granular as changing the view from Map To Aerial and zoom in on the map to get the pin location directly on the Property as needed.

9. With the map now displaying the correct property location, we can map the property using the Yellow pushpin.

10. Simply click on the pushpin and you will see a message in the bottom left telling you to click anywhere on your map to set the marker (map the property).

11. Select the property location by clicking where the property is actually located and then click Save in the upper right-hand corner.

12. After selecting Save the property will be instantly mapped within the Paragon MLS system.  Once the listing is live on Paragon the mapping will flow over correctly with the listing to Realtor.ca.  You can repeat this process as often as needed if you are not satisfied with the mapping location.