Save money AND get your listing posted faster with Upload Listing!

Did you know that you can save $35 per listing by using Upload Listing with TransactionDESK® (formerly ADT) to load your listing directly on to Paragon? 

It costs $15 for you to use Upload Listing (ADT) and $50 for Board staff to input all the data for you.

And, depending on when you upload your ADT listings, they can often be posted to on the same day or certainly within 24 hours because they require very little work by MLS® staff.

If you’ve never used Upload Listing or ADT before, once you’ve uploaded your listing, it sits in “For Approval” (FA) status to allow staff to check it and if all looks good, they ‘flip the switch’ to change your listing from FA to ‘Active’.

As the button says, “now THAT was easy!” So, who doesn’t want to save money AND get their listings posted faster???

We really want to re-emphasize the benefits of ADT listings right now because the Board is getting a surge of both new listings and sales. Even though we are still in the midst of a pandemic and strict public safety guidelines, we’re clearly seeing a recovery in the market as REALTORS® become more and more effective at guiding their clients through showings and contracts conducted virtually.

As of mid-June, the Board’s new listings are almost on par with last year and sales are trending 13 per cent higher than June 2019 – or they will be, once the MLS® department can work through the backlog. They are working as quickly and as efficiently as possible – you know how experienced our MLS® team is.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to ask you, “please, help our MLS® team help you” – and you can do that by using Upload Listing. Has it been a while since you last used it (with WEBForms® Legacy)? Or you’ve never used it? 

Do not fear. We have how-to Upload Listing PDFs and videos posted on REALTOR Link®. Go to: Business Centre > Listings Tools > Manage Your Listings.

One of the most common questions our Helpdesk receives about ADT is, “Where is the Upload Listing button on TransactionDESK®?”

This is because it’s not visible if you have an MLS® contract open. It only becomes visible in the top right corner AFTER you’ve opened a Data Input Form (DIF).  You can see they have the words ‘Upload Listing’ right in their title:

  • MLSLink – Land Only Data Input Form – Residential (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Attached (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Detached (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Multi-Family (Upload Listing)

Once you have one of them open, you’ll a button that looks like this:

TIP: f you’ve zoomed in on your DIF to increase the font size or you’re on your mobile device, it’s possible that the actual “Upload Listing” words disappear, and you only see the open box with forms.

Again, feel free to check out any of our how-to resources or contact if you have any questions.

Lastly, if you’re itching to contact our MLS® department to find out what the status is of your Board-load listing or sale; please refrain! The more calls they receive for status updates, the more it slows their progress to get your listings and sales processed. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support as we all work together to manage the market resurgence.