Tons of time-saving tweaks in the latest version of Paragon

As of Wednesday, February 23, you are now using the most up to date version of Paragon: 5.81.  

The latest enhancements receive an official seal of approval from our resident Paragon expert and FVREB trainer, Dimpu Thandi. “These are good changes. I like them!”

Considering this update is supposed to be ‘small’ – from 5.8 to 5.81 – it punches above its weight! There are many subtle, but important changes that make working in Paragon easier.  

Here is a rundown! 

  1. Search Results Grid cleaned up – easier to find action items    

You have to admit that before this update, your search results grid resembled a sea of ‘emojis’, that likely left you hunting and pecking.

Now, you’ll see one chicklet – a plug-in icon – that, once you click on it, opens a robust menu of action items with descriptors. Cleaner and clearer.

2. New Actions button added to the menu bar

In addition to the ‘plug-in icon’ being added to the search grid, it’s also been added to the menu bar.

This does a couple of things. First, if you select multiple listings, and click this new Actions button, a drop-down menu will show you what actions you can apply to your records. It includes logic to display the available options whether you’ve selected one or multiple records.

Secondly, the Actions button works on any other detail view, for example ConnectView. Clicking on that button will display all the available action options for the report you’re viewing.

This is a real time-saver. Before this release, if the icon wasn’t in the report you were looking at, you’d have to go back to the spreadsheet grid or pull up the All Fields Detail or another report containing icons in order to do an action.

3. Former Actions drop-down menu now called “More”

In addition to adding the new Actions button, the previous Actions menu was succinctly renamed “More” since it includes the overflow of menu options that do not fit in the toolbar. In addition, the Correction button was moved to the More overflow menu in order to make room for the new Actions button.

Before 5.81

After 5.81

You will also notice in the new overflow menu that integrations such as Cloud CMA, ShowingTime and View in CRS aren’t there (if you’re MLS® subscribed, that is). They now live under the new Actions menu as shown above in 1.  when more than one record is selected in the grid.

4. Easier to extend expired listings

This is a wonderful improvement! A picture says a thousand words…

Old View:

New View:

And with a single swipe or click, you can extend the expiry date by a year! Also, when a search is extended, Paragon will run the search against current prospecting restrictions and return the usual error message if any criteria in the search is now prohibited.

5. New warning message to remind you to approve your client’s listings for the Collab Center

As you know, listings do not appear in your client’s Collaboration Center until you approve them. To remind you of this, a new warning message now displays when the Collaboration Center Welcome Email is sent initially or resent via a Resend Invitation. The warning remains on screen until you close it.

6. Visually see when you last modified a saved search

To help you manage your saved searches, a Modified date column has been added to the grid in Search > Saved Property Searches. You can clearly see when you last updated or changed a search. And if you haven’t touched a search in a long time, perhaps you can delete it and shorten your list.

7. No voice ‘cue’ when you’re not using Chrome

Did it drive you crazy to see the microphone icon in the Power Search bar when you were using an incompatible browser and it didn’t work? That’s gone now. You only see the voice search icon when using Chrome – the only browser that function works with.

8. Easier to upload photos (UPDATE as of Feb 25: this enhancement is coming in the next version, Paragon 5.82)

The instructions for uploading your images in Listing Input, Agent Photos, Office Logos, etc., are now streamlined.

Here’s a before:

Here are the after shots:

9. New listing navigation

When maintaining a listing in the past you had to save your listing in order to see the additional options available such as adding or editing photos, adding an open house, etc. Now for both Partial and Full when adding a listing you will have all of the additional navigation options available to you without having to save first.

Whew! Those are the highlights of the version 5.81 update.

As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.