Video: Your Board CEO and President in Conversation: Why ZOOM Won’t Cut It for Our March 11th AGM

Who doesn’t love ZOOM? We all do! But, it may surprise you to find out that even ZOOM, has its limitations, which is why we can’t rely on it to deliver our online FVREB Annual General Meeting (AGM) coming up next week, on Thursday morning, March 11.

As FVREB CEO, Baldev Gill, and President, Chris Shields, explain in part four of our special video series, the main reason has to do with FVREB having one of the best attended AGMs in the province – all thanks to you, our members.

Here is veteran broadcaster, Stu McNish, interviewing your CEO and President in a conversation that matters.

Run time: 3:17  

In our video next week, Baldev and Chris, look back at one of the most historic years for the world, our province, and our Board: 2020.

This special 10-minute segment analyzes why the FVREB and the market not only endured the shock of COVID-19, but in fact, excelled.

Source: FVREB Communications