Paragon Tech Tip: Now only ONE WAY to create or edit Sold Searches for clients

If you build sold searches to send yourself or auto-notify your clients, this tip is for you! A key change was introduced to sold searches in Paragon version 5.8, released this past December.

Before v5.8, you could create sold searches two ways – highlighted below – either by selecting a pre-determined date range from a drop-down menu on the right i.e. Next 7 Days; 30 Days Back, etc., or by using the calendar function at the top and choosing a specific Begin Date and End Date.

The date range option on the right no longer works for client auto-notifications; it only works to create a sold search for yourself. Black Knight, the makers of Paragon, indicate that date ranges were creating performance issues specifically for sold searches for prospects or clients. 

So, if you’ve been trying to create a new sold search for a prospect or save changes to an existing search for a client using a pre-determined date range, you’ll see this warning pop up:

Going forward, all auto-notification sold searches must be created with the calendar function Begin Date. If you want to enter an End Date you can, but you don’t need to. If you leave the End Date blank, it will catch all solds from that begin date forward, working in a very similar way to a rolling date range.

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Source: FVREB IT & Communications