Need a new SentriLock shackle or help releasing the one you have?

Did you know? The Board has replacement shackles for lockboxes at $11.20 each including tax.

As well, it’s possible to release the shackle on older, dark blue lockboxes with the SentriSmart phone app. Here are instructions:

  1. Go to the lockbox tools tab in the app (this is where you will find a list of all your lockboxes).
  2. Tap on the serial number of the one you want to release.
  3. On the next screen, tap on Release Shackle – you will be asked to enter your PIN# and then be provided with a code.
  4. Hold the ENT key on the box until the keypad lights up.
  5. Press FUNC, 9, FUNC on the lockbox, then enter the code displayed on your phone and press ENT. The shackle will then release.

If you have questions about lockboxes, email or call her at the Board (604-930-7600).