Introducing ‘Power Search’ in Paragon

Searching and finding the right results in Paragon has never been faster, easier, or better.

A new ‘Power Search’ functionality has been added to the search bar in Paragon, allowing you to get more refined results faster for your clients. The search field,  seen below, will now scan across multiple familiar categories (such as Saved Searches, Contacts and Listings) and filter relevant items as you type out what you’re looking for in the search bar. The more you type, the more exact your results will be.


NOTE: To get the best results, the Power Search feature is designed to return no more than ten results for each category (saved search, contact, etc), based on the search criteria that has been entered. For a more broad range of search results, it is recommended that you use Quick Search or, better-yet, the class-specific search options.

The specific fields that results will be pulled from when using Power Search are as follows:

  • Saved Search: Class Name and Search Name
  • Listing: Listing ID, Address including Suite Number, Street Number, Street Name, Street Type, City and/or Postal Code
  • Contact: First and Last Name

If data of this type is included in the listing or type of listing you’re looking for, it should appear after enough information has been included in the search bar. For example, if you’re searching for a particular listing or listings via the address, you can use information such as the street name/partial address or the postal code to find the result you’re looking for.


And if you click on the category header, you’ll be able to see more information on the listings that best match your search terms. Search results will be based on relevancy and prioritized accordingly (ie. active listings will appear before sold listings). However, Power Search will search and return results of all statuses based on entered search criteria.

If you have questions about Power Search or Paragon, contact the Board’s Help Desk at 604-930-7626.