Client communication just got easier with Paragon v5.8

As of Thursday, December 17, you are now using the most up to date version of Paragon:  5.8.  

With this update, you’ll notice a number of subtle improvements to the CMA module, the Collab Centre and icons identifying your searches – all to improve your ability to communicate with clients.  

Here are the highlights! 

1. Ability to customize your CMA cover letter

For those who use Paragon’s CMA module, you now can write a unique cover letter and save it within your client’s CMA presentation, without that customized letter over-riding the generic cover letter within the module.

Before, every time you customized a cover letter, you risked sending that same letter to different clients because it was being saved within the module, not within clients’ individual presentations.

2. Contacts – Agent Preview – listings now easier to approve / disapprove

Before, the only way you could approve or disapprove listings for auto-notifications was in ‘bulk’. From the grid view, you selected the listings you wanted and then chose Approve or Disapprove.

You can still do the above – you’ll note that the location of the Disapprove / Approve buttons has moved to inside the tool bar. But, now with this latest Paragon update, you have another option to approve or disapprove each individual listing, through the Detail View.

New Search Option: New Only

As well, it’s now easier for you to ensure that your clients only get notified of new listings or listing changes that specifically matter to them. You don’t want them bombarded with repeats or minor price adjustments of listings they’ve already turned down, but you do want them to be notified of any new listings or changes to listings that meet their criteria. 

Now, in addition to Agent Preview – where you get to select/de-select what your client receives – you can instead choose New Only. New only means what it implies > only new listings or updates to previous listings that meet the criteria that you have chosen.

Note, whether you’re changing your search options from Agent Preview to New Only or vice versa, you’ll be prompted to approve the change, “are you sure you want to do this?” By choosing Continue, it will change all the listings in that search to Undecided, and you’ll have to go through that list again to update how your client felt about them: yes, no or undecided. You only have to do this when you’re switching Search Options.

3. Better identifiers for your Contacts’ saved searches

If a saved search has been linked to a Contact, it appears under the Contact details. Now, new icons illustrate what type of search it is: an email notification (envelope icon) or a collab centre search (globe icon) and whether it’s enabled or not (circle with a line through it).

4. Easier to share Paragon Listing Slideshows

Last but not least, for those who share Listing Slideshows with clients; that is now easier to do.  Before, the only option was to first email the link to yourself and then forward it. Now, after selecting the listings that you want to use in a slide show, click on the Action menu and select Listing Slideshow. You create your slideshow options and then select Compose Email.

If you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.

Source: FVREB IT & Communications