All FVREB members who have logged in to the new WEBForms® platform at least once received an email from CREA on October 24.  It’s reminding you that the countdown is on for the end of WEBForms® Legacy and REALTOR® Load (ADT).

Effective January 1st, you will only have access to WEBForms® powered by TransactionDESK® and a new, replacement ADT system. CREA will soon confirm what your new upload system will be, how it will work and how you can get trained before January.

Until then, there are 5 things you should be doing now to prepare:

1. Get trained ASAP on the new CREA WEBForms® platform

  • CREA is offering free webinars, videos and guides on their WEBForms® 2019 Training Hub
  • FVREB is offering free, 3-hour, hands-on training sessions – register through the TLC Calendar **These are starting to ‘sell’ out – book yours soon!
  • CREA has also built a handy 4-minute Quick Start Video

2. Transfer existing Transaction Kits that you want to archive

A reminder of what IS being migrated over. All kit templates (Personal and Office), all clauses and all forms are automatically being migrated. However, you’ll have to re-insert any clauses or entered information into your templates (scroll down to #3 for more details on this).

What ISN’T being migrated over are existing transaction kits and third-party links in them.

The first step in migrating your kits is to decide which ones you want to keep. Remember, just like moving homes, you don’t want to take your old hockey equipment that hasn’t fit you since you were 25.

Once you’ve decided which ones you want to keep, you need to individually migrate them over from WEBForms® Legacy to the new platform. 

NOTE! Once you transfer your kits to the new platform, they become read-only. You can’t change or edit anything in them.  They become non-editable PDFs that you can use as a reference.

3. Re-insert clauses & re-link third-party add-ons

As mentioned above, even though the kit templates automatically came over, they didn’t come fully dressed. They’re missing their accessories! They don’t have any clauses or entered information in them. You have to manually re-enter these.

And in your transaction kits that you manually moved over, any third-party add-ons (DocuSign, eZmaxx, etc) need to be re-linked.

4. What to do with current active transactions and new transactions

We are recommending you complete current, active transactions in Legacy. (Because once transferred, they become read-only.

For any brand-new listings, we’re suggesting that you continue to use REALTOR® Load (ADT) with WEBForms® Legacy until you hear otherwise from us. CREA will soon confirm with us what your new upload system will be. Stay tuned. If you’re not an ADT user and you still submit your listings to be entered by Board staff, you can build new transactions on the new WEBForms® 2019 platform.

For any new offers, start using the new TransactionDESK® platform right now.  

5. Ready to completely switch to CREA WEBForms® 2019  

If you’re ready to start working completely on the new platform and want your standalone AuthentiSign account merged into your new WEBForms® 2019 account, you can do this, but this merge CANNOT be undone. You’ll need to email with this exact script:

I am requesting I have my standalone AuthentiSign account merged into my new Webforms 2019 account. I understand this is permanent and that I will only be able to access AuthentiSign from my Webforms 2019 account, you have my permission to go ahead with the merge. 

If you need any help with this, please contact

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any new developments on CREA WEBForms® 2019 and the end of Legacy and REALTOR® Load (ADT).