Why run for your Board? Surprising side benefits, right from the “source”

You know what they say, “If you want to know something, ask the experts.” So, who better to talk about why consider serving on behalf of your Board of Directors, then former Directors?

To whet your appetite, here are just a few of their thoughts about the benefits of serving on the Board: Have your voice heard. Elevate the REALTOR® brand. Drive solutions. The satisfaction of giving back. Improve professionally. Excellent networking opportunities. Make super-duper friends. Travel. Grow.

But, wait, there’s more!

Our goal in sharing their stories and observations is to motivate you to take part – dip your toe in the water, if you will – in our virtual Director Recruitment and Information Session, coming up Monday, December 14th, from 1 pm to 3 pm. (Visit the TLC Calendar to RSVP.)

You can log-in from the convenience of your office or home and you never know, in addition to finding it informative, you may find it inspirational! The session is hosted by FVREB’s Nominating Committee – the group tasked with recruiting and recommending candidates to run for the Board.

1. Why consider volunteering for the Board?

We caught up with three seasoned and respected FVREB members all of whom have had a significant impact on our Board, and it turns out that volunteering for the Board, has had a significant impact on them in return.

Darin Germyn, served as Board President in 2019 and prior to that, spent over a decade serving on various committees. He might be best known for successfully introducing electronic voting at our AGM and championing numerous apps and software – like Autoprop – to help you better serve your clients.

Bonnie Moy – our equivalent of FVREB ‘royalty’ if we had it – literally founded Realty Watch, one of our industry’s most important, meaningful, and recognizable community programs in the Lower Mainland. This John Armeneau Professional of the Year award recipient started volunteering on the Board’s Communications Committee way back in 1996 to help with the roll-out of Realty Watch, served as a director in 2008 and 2009 and believe it or not is still serving on this year’s Nominating Committee.  

And finally, one of our Board’s and industry’s most knowledgeable and respected, ‘elder statesmen’, and all-round, super-nice guy, Sukh Sidhu. Fraser Valley REALTOR® of 37 years, Sukh is a long-standing volunteer in organized real estate – 2011 Past President of FVREB after many years of committee work, currently in his fourth year, soon to be fifth serving on the Real Estate Council of BC – and has also served on numerous boards and committees in his home community.

Once you read their testimonials, we’re hoping you’ll leap at the chance to register for our Director Recruitment and Information Session coming up on December 14th at 1 pm.

2. What motivated you to run for the Board?

It turns out that getting pulled or “sucked in” by a fellow colleague isn’t unusual. So, if this happens to you, don’t feel bad, you’re in good company.

Bonnie Moy: “Mary Lou Leslie [currently serving on the Board’s Professional Standards Committee and another past director, and Professional of the Year recipient], approached me, and asked me to run. 

I already had a longstanding relationship with the Board through Realty Watch. The program was born from personal tragedy. In 1994, my client’s daughter, Pamela Cameron, went missing and was later found murdered, and this is what led to the creation of our original ‘eyes and ears’ fan-out system to look for missing people. I was so grateful, as were the Camerons, for the Board’s continuous support over the years, I felt it was time that I could give something back to the Board.”

Sukh Sidhu: Chuckling, recalls that his longstanding service to the Board, didn’t start, at least at the beginning, from any grandiose motivation, “I was coerced initially, by Jake Siemens [Board President 2005].

“On Thursday mornings, after MLS® tours, we’d meet for breakfast at Smitty’s and Jake says to me, ‘You’re a good guy. You should run for the Board.’ And, I said, ‘I’ll think it over and let you know.”

Without wasting any time, Jake was on the phone with Moss Moloney [Board President 2004], and said, “Sukh has agreed to run for the Board. He’s here right now, do you want to talk to him?” And then before you know it, I’m saying, “Sure Moss, I will do it. I will put my name forward.”

Darin Germyn: Can relate all too well to Sukh’s story. “It started with Chris Whitehead [long-time volunteer and another John Armeneau recipient] talking to me about the importance of giving back to the profession and how rewarding it is and then years later, while serving as a Director, Ray Werger [yup, another Past President] asks me, ‘Have you ever thought about being President?

Darin adds sheepishly, “I’m a bit of a lemming. I have trouble saying no.”

3. What did you most gain personally by serving on the Board of Directors?

Bonnie Moy: “Admiration for our profession. As an industry, we must remain competitive, and yet, for the greater good, we will work together cooperatively and respectfully for the benefit of all REALTORS® and our communities.

“An appreciation of how valuable the services of Realtors really are; and, the importance of home ownership. Owning title to your own land is the basis of democracy.”

4. What would your number one piece of advice be for a Realtor considering running for the Board?

Sukh Sidhu: “Do it for the right reasons. Don’t think of volunteering to promote yourself or your business.

“I can’t remember ever giving my business card to fellow colleagues unless I was asked and years later, a Fraser Valley member contacted me to offer me a listing, saying, I remember and respect your integrity when you served on the Board. You kept your business separate from your volunteer work.”

5. Side-benefits of serving as a Board volunteer and potentially as an officer?

Darin Germyn: “The automatic trust and recognition from your peers. It’s amazing to me, how so many members still know who I am, and they assume that doing a deal with me, will be highly ethical and professional, which of course, I’ve always strived to do, Board member or not.

“Because members have such a high opinion of those who serve them, there is a built-in, inherent respect that I didn’t think about or anticipate. It’s very humbling.”

Darin continues, “So many side-benefits! I am now extremely good at time management. I had to learn, especially while President, to be resilient, efficient, and purposeful with my time. I now work 30 per cent less than I used to and accomplish much more because of my experience with the Board.”

And special, final words of encouragement from Bonnie Moy.

Calling all women

“Be brave ladies, the kids, cats, dogs, hubby, loved ones will survive (men know this; you need to know it!) Please, more women become Board members, we love the guys, but this board needs more gals!”

And Bonnie’s message to all members, “Don’t be afraid, you know way more than you think and have more to offer than you think. You do not have to be practiced. You will get the training and support and a whole new world of experience and learning.”

Head now to the TLC Calendar and register for the Board’s, virtual Director Recruitment and Information Session, Monday, December 14th from 1 pm to 3 pm. Members of the Nominating Committee look forward to all your questions.

In addition, if you’d like more information on nomination guidelines, candidate eligibility, attributes and experience and how to apply for consideration by the Nominating Committee, head to our Call for Nominations page on REALTOR Link®.

Source: FVREB Communications