What REALTORS® are saying about ‘Realtors of BC’

As you know, for more than a year,  organized real estate has been looking at ways to enhance and improve the profession, leading to a recommendation to amalgamate the current 11 real estate boards and BCREA into a new, unified organization. This spring, the recommendation was taken to our members and REALTORS® across the province – so what do REALTORS® think?

In late June, REALTORS® of BC commissioned an independent survey (conducted by Maple Leaf Strategies), to determine just that. The survey gauged awareness, knowledge and support among REALTORS® across the province. Here’s how you responded:

Among the six real estate boards still participating in the initiative:

  • Awareness of the proposal is very high (88%)
  • Almost half (41%) of respondents feel they do not have enough information to make an informed decision
  • Of the 61% that have decided how they’d vote, two-thirds or more (75%) support the proposal.

Here’s what you said you need more information on:

  • Organizational structure and member services (47%)
  • Financial analysis (33%)
  • Governance (30%)
  • December 6 vote (14%)

You also told us that you want information sessions at your real estate board or brokerage office (46%), updates and information through the website (28%) and one-on-one meetings (7%).

We hear you.

Over the next four months leading up to the vote each board has planned for ongoing member information sessions, broker meetings and opportunities for one-on-one sessions with directors. BCREA will also share information about REALTORS® of BC over the coming months. If you would like to set up a meeting at your office please contact Laurie Dawson at the Board or email info@realtorsofbc.ca.

For more information on REALTORS® of BC, click here.