Top 7 most important security checks at property viewings

You know how it is. You’ve done the same thing a thousand times so you don’t have to think about it. But then one day you’re distracted, in a hurry, thinking about your kid’s birthday party. Then, something is left unlocked, unlatched, or unarmed. With luck the owner’s cat didn’t sneak out onto the road, and a burglar didn’t take his opportunity after you drove away. But for all the times you got it right, it can go wrong and it takes only one careless mistake.

Here are some handy reminders about safety and security:

  1. No unaccompanied access for lockboxes — EVER
  2. Be sure to lock all doors and windows (and patio doors) before leaving
  3. Make sure any house pets are safe and secure where they’re supposed to be
  4. Inform the listing agent immediately if there are problems with the lockbox
  5. Return keys to lockbox immediately after the showing
  6. If there’s an active security system, make sure you know how to use it
  7. Set the alarm before leaving

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