Just a touch of a mouse — and you could win one of 3 gift cards to Best Buy, iTunes or Cactus Club!

You’ve got it right. We’re recruiting members to take an important survey about the Board’s recent RESPECT campaign that just wrapped up on Monday.

To anyone who is interested in professional standards in our Board, the level of interest and participation by the members has been very impressive. Hundreds of members visited the RESPECT website to explore professionalism in all its complex expressions and practices. Most encouraging was the number of Realtors who submitted kudos to other Realtors whose brand of professionalism had earned their sincere respect.

But we want to know what you thought about the RESPECT campaign.  Did you like it? Was it informative? Entertaining?

The survey will take less than 5 minutes, and can be done on your computer, your tablet or phone. If you provide your name, you will automatically be entered into a random draw for one of three $50 gift cards to Best Buy, iTunes or Cactus Club restaurants.

The survey is open until midnight Monday, July 3, 2017 and the draw will be made on Tuesday, July 4.