RESPECT draws 107 kudos, 2300 web hits and 3600 readers

This spring we’ve been promoting the FVREB’s 5 Guiding Principles of professionalism with a special awareness campaign called RESPECT. It was an invitation to members to think about what defines professionalism for Realtors, and why building a culture of professionalism is so vital to the future of the Realtor community.

The RESPECT campaign was launched on April 6 with a dedicated and stylish website filled with articles, videos, tips, testimonials, and polls — all of which delved into various aspects of practicing professionalism from the ground up.  Although the theme of the campaign was about speaking and acting with courtesy, it drew on a wide array of situations, topics and challenges that Realtors deal with every day.

And with RESPECT’s on-line Kudos Challenge, members had the opportunity to articulate the ways that individual peers earned their respect as outstanding professionals — bringing in a total of 107 kudos that extolled the professionalism of our own Fraser Valley Realtors. (See below for the full list of those who received kudos.)

Among the kudos there were doubles — and even a triple — kudo recipient. Realtor Edie Takahashi of Sutton Group-West Coast Realty in South Surrey, was lauded for several reasons:  “…prompt in providing access to the property“, “Any questions we had she got back to us quickly”, “…Always pleasant”, “…very friendly towards other realtors”, “respects her colleagues”, “skillful and professional”, “an inspiration”, “super hardworking”, and “always consistent.”

And in the Don’t-Be-That-REALTOR section, members were able to disclose — albeit anonymously — some of their negative experiences working with Realtors whose professional practices, respect and courtesy fell way below par.

In total the RESPECT Campaign seemed to resonate with many of our members. There were over 2,300 hits to the website over the 10 week campaign, and 3,600 readings of RESPECT articles on NewsReal. In random draws over 30 gift cards were given to Realtors who submitted kudos about their peers. And three Realtors who received kudos were also winners in the grand prize draw. Matt Tinsley, Rob Christensen and Don Fults will each walk away with a $100 gift card.

We hope that the RESPECT campaign has helped highlight the importance of professional standards, provided insight, and given encouragement to members to keep working to achieve high standards of professionalism, and help others reach those goals as well. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the RESPECT survey so far.

Thanks to all members for their participation and support not only of the RESPECT campaign, but of their efforts to build a culture of professionalism in our Realtor community. The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board will continue to promote ‘Professionalism Matters’ with a dedicated page on REALTOR Link® which you can peruse at your leisure. The RESPECT website is also available on REALTOR Link®.

The Professional Standards Special Committee will be looking at running more professionalism campaigns — as we know that the conversations have started and awareness needs to be kept at the forefront of how we do business with each other.

Realtors who received a Kudo from a colleague:

Alex Aragon
Alexis Toews
Allen Unrau
Amrik Sahota
Amrit Boyal
Amy Dewaele
Anthony Dehaan
Art Hoehn
Arvind Nair
Ashley Lees
Austin Takahashi
Balwinder Dhaliwal
Barbara Patrick
Brian Leong
Casey Duncan
Catherine Elliot
Chuck Magnus
Cindy Poppy
Colleen Fisher
Colleen O’Keefe
Darin Germyn
Darren Leffers
David Smith
Dilpreet Parmar
Don Fults
Douglas Mitten
Edie Takahashi
Emily Oh
Eric Linquist
Erica Tucker
Flo McCafferty
Glen Kullman
Hamed Yayah
Hari Sharma
Heather Green
Janet Rathbun
Janet Sheard
Jeanette Weeks
Jeff Greenhalgh
Jeremy Loewen
Joel Schacter
Kalvinder Bassi
Karen Weber
Karin White
Kim Phillips
Kit Tan
Kristy Dusdal
Krystal Meeds
Kyle Beauregard
Leo Ronse
Linda Sawicki
Linda Shaver
Marcus Ortner
Mark George
Matt Tinsley
Michelle Carlsen
Nancy Graewe
Nav Kaur
Neil Higgins
Pamela Steunenberg
Paramjit Singh Dhaliwal
Paul Klann
Phil Hayes
Raj Sethi
Ray Yankana
Rene Brassard
Richard Lowe
Rob Christensen
Rod Poole
Rohit Naidu
Ron Falk
Ruby Lidder
Rupy Dhillon
Sameer Kaushal
Sandy Gill
Scott Higgins
Sharon Greysen
Sherri Cooper
Sherry Boyal
Shiv Brar
Sonia Khari
Sue Marples
Tammy Evans
Todd Jackson
Todd Mesher
Tom Edwards
Trevor Brucki
Tyler Johal
Vince Johnson
Wendy Lee