Two updates from CREA

If you include Live Stream Open House links in your listings or you work with a technology provider to manage automated listing data feeds on your website, we have two updates for you from CREA.

1. Changes to Live Stream Open House links

As of March 11, Live Stream Open Houses will be limited to specific domains and URL formats.

CREA will be launching a new validation process for Live Stream Open House links on to prevent non-live stream links to be submitted to the site. During the update, no downtime is expected on the site.

When the change takes place on March 11, 2021 only the following URLs will be accepted on the site:

  • Youtube
  • *
  • *
  • Facebook
  • **
  • **/live/
  • **/events
  • **/videos/<numbers>
  • Instagram
  • **/live
  • **
  • Other
  • **

If an invalid URL is submitted to the site, the URL will not be displayed.

2. Data Distribution Facility Fees

On April 1, new fees will be introduced by CREA for Data Distribution Facility data feeds.

For years, CREA’s Data Distribution Facility (DDF) has made it easier for Realtors to showcase listings on their personal websites through automated data feeds.

Due to the technical nature of setting up these feeds, most Realtors enlist a technology provider’s assistance to set up and maintain the data feeds on their website. More than 650 technology providers currently work with Realtors across Canada, and have access to these data feeds and support services from CREA, at no cost.

Starting on April 1, 2021, CREA is introducing a tiered pricing model for technology providers to access data feeds to help ensure that members have access to the best and only national listing data feeds.

What this means:

If you are working with a technology provider to manage data feeds on your website, you may experience increased service prices or your technology provider may choose to stop offering their services to you.

CREA has prepared a complete list of technology providers who can ensure your website can continue to receive listings from DDF. To access it, click here.

For information on the DDF visit CREA’s DDF page on REALTOR Link®.

Source: CREA