Radiant sunshine, cool ice cream, and warm blankets?

Summer is in full swing. You may be getting ready for your summer vacation or basking in the activities of the sizzling housing market. Some of us, however, have our minds elsewhere, like the upcoming Blanket Drive!

While the rising temperatures might possibly make you forget about the cold winter ahead, we urge you to hold on to your coats, jackets, blankets, and other cold-weather essentials and donate them to our 29th Annual Blanket Drive, which will commence in November. You and your clients can help!  

Knitting away throughout the summer!

Aldergrove is home to several talented ladies who have been knitting blankets for the Blanket Drive for almost a decade! Their handmade blankets not only keep the chills out; they are also beautiful works of art. Every Thursday, the Aldergrove Needlecraft Club meets at the Aldergrove Library to knit and chat over tea. In May, the ladies knitted over 20 blankets and other items such as baby clothing, slippers, and hats. These items will be donated to our Blanket Drive and to other organizations in the Fraser Valley, such as the Abbotsford Hospital and Langley Meals on Wheels.

Recently, your Board supplied over 30 pounds of yarn to support these ladies and their noble endeavour! With more than enough yarn to continue knitting throughout the summer, as soon as the boxes arrived, their excitement and enthusiasm were obvious, by the chorus of “Ooohhhhhs” and by the exclaiming at the colours!  The ladies began to pick up bundles of yarn, wasting no time in imagining the designs they could create.

The REALTOR® community steps up

Stacey VanderVelde from RE/MAX Aldercenter has been a longtime supporter and friend of this group. Knowing how dedicated and earnest the members of the Aldergrove Needlecraft Club are, she helps them source knitting materials. And in March, she made new connections in Murrayville and White Rock, who donated over 25 boxes and one large bag of wool and yarn.

Here’s how to get ready for Blanket Drive 2023

  1. Save your gently used blankets, jackets, warm winter clothing (sweater, and pants) and sleeping bags and wait for our announcement in November. Please note that the Blanket Drive does NOT accept summer clothing or shoes.
  2. If you have extra yarn or wool, the Aldergrove Needlecraft Club would be happy to turn them into warm blankets. Please email vanessa.cheng@fvreb.bc.ca.
  3. Tell your colleagues and your clients about the campaign. The more items we collect, the greater the impact on our community.
  4. If you are interested in volunteering, email communications@fvreb.bc.ca and use “Blanket Drive Volunteer” in the subject line, to add your name to the list.