Membership benefits now include SentriCards

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that effective November 1, 2017 SentriCards will be provided to all active and probationary active members. The cost will be rolled into your monthly membership dues, at a discounted rate.

This proposal originated from the Professional Standards Special Committee, with the goal to increase professionalism by providing members with a key business tool.

Including the SentriCard as a membership benefit will also:

  • Eliminate requests for one-day codes, or the lending out of SentriCards, to those who do not have them — improving member accountability and reducing risk to clients.
  • Reduce the need for listing REALTORS® to show up in-person to show a home with a lockbox because the buyer’s agent does not have a SentriCard.
  • Provide a streamlined payment option for members, at a reduced monthly cost.

Over 75% of our members subscribe annually to have their own SentriCard. These members are doing about 90% of the deals involving Fraser Valley members. This new initiative will make things simpler for these members and save them money.

Members with SentriCards

You will no longer pay annually each October. A new discounted fee of $8 per month will appear as part of your member dues. The Board has also opted to cover your SentriCard fees for this October to help make things easier during the transition to monthly billing.

Members without SentriCards

To get set-up, you’ll need to stop by the Board during office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please bring your FVREB membership card and other identification.

Unlicensed assistants and appraisers

SentriCards will be available only through an annual subscription and the cards will be issued with limited functionality.