Manager Profile: Art Glauser, Member Services and Education

Our experiences shape our perceptions of who we are, and sometimes these experiences find us. Member Services & Education Manager, Art Glauser began working as a carpenter apprentice when he was 15 years old. Art says high school did not have the lessons he needed to learn at that time in his life. It was in the mud and the cold of BC winters that he learned a deep sense of accountability for his actions. It was the shouts of grown men, weathered and hardened by the extremities of that industry, that called him to action and taught him what it meant to take pride in one’s work, and to work smarter, not harder.

Art took these lessons and applied them to his life. First, as an adult finishing high school, then as a volunteer travelling the world and helping those less fortunate, and finally as a mature student attending university which set him on a path to become a life-long learner. After university, he worked as a teacher, both domestically and internationally. He told his students that he wasn’t their teacher; simply a professional learner who was there to inspire and guide them on their own path of learning and growth. During the 2014 BC teachers strike, Art took the opportunity to again apply these life lessons to the sales industry and found similar results. Through a strong work ethic, taking pride in his work, and approaching everything as an opportunity to learn and grow, he propelled himself to success in this industry.

Now working with the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board as Manager of Member Services and Education, he finds himself in a familiar position, but a new environment. Fortunately, Art says he is surrounded by colleagues and membership who share the same values as he does. He is greatly appreciative of everyone’s professionalism and care towards what they do. He is inspired to push himself to embrace every new challenge and put his energy into helping his colleagues at the Board, and the Membership at large, be the best they can be each day.

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