Forgot your new year’s resolutions already? No worries! We got you 3 more at our AGM

Nothing says a fresh start like beginning the year at a FVREB Annual General Meeting where members take the opportunity to weigh in on important decisions and vote for their new Board of Directors.

Fortunately there are only three Special Resolutions you’ll be asked to vote on this year.

Resolution #1 – Volunteer hours for director candidates

This removes the requirement for a member to have 15 hours of volunteer service within the last 5 years before they can run as a director. This change recognizes that volunteer and board experience can come from a variety of sources, including with other organizations.

Resolution #2 – Probationary members

This resolution would make it possible for Probationary members to become Active members as soon as they complete all the post licensing requirements of Council and new member requirements of FVREB, rather than wait a full year as they do now.

Resolution #3 – Appointment of chair and members of committees

This resolution would return to the Board’s previous practice of having the Board President and Officers review and appoint committee chairs and members instead of having to wait for the review and recommendation of the Governance committee. This will speed up the process by removing a layer of bureaucracy.

Don’t let your 2018 resolutions fail! For more details on the AGM 2018, visit our new page on REALTOR Link®. We recently added:

  • 2017 Annual Report
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • By-laws 2018: Amendment Changes side-by-side
  • By-laws 2018: Special Resolutions
  • By-laws 2018: FAQ
  • Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Proxy form
  • AGM minutes – February 2017


  • Wednesday, February 21


  • 7:30 am breakfast and registration; 9 am meeting


  • Coast Hotel in Langley (20393 Fraser Highway)