End of the line: FVREB Fax line 604-588-0325 to be discontinued

Please be advised that as of November 1, 2021, the fax line 604-588-0325 will be discontinued and replaced with a new number: 604-930-7651.

While the vast majority of members have discontinued using fax altogether, we recognize that a small minority do continue to make use of fax as part of their legacy communications processes. If you or your brokerage use fax to submit information to the FVREB, you are advised to update your records by November 1, 2021, to avoid disruption to operations or transaction processing.

The Board will continue to support fax transmissions, however we strongly urge fax users, wherever possible, to consider updating their communications processes and transition to other means of providing information to the Board, for example, emailing of scanned or PDF documents.

For more information, please contact helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.

Source: FVREB IT Team