Cheryl Camara, FVREB’s Director, MLS® – When hard work and passion come together

As FVREB’s Director of MLS®, working with the Board for over 25 years, Cheryl’s mantra is to work hard while loving what you do. Her early work experience was in Dental Supply and before entering the world of real estate she was interested in a career as a teacher. Interestingly, much of her daily work leading the MLS® team involves educating members when it comes to listing their properties. Of this she says, “I have been able to apply my interest in teaching, albeit in a slightly different way, to my work at the Board.”  

She credits her upbringing and family for influencing and shaping her professional success. Having a parent in the British Air force and moving from base to base around the world gave her the ability to pivot, and to learn from one country before moving to the next. Cheryl recalls her family’s experience when they immigrated to Canada in 1968 for a better life and education. “Canada was not quite the land of opportunity we expected. Starting over in a new country with limited savings and trying to find a new line of work was challenging, but by sticking to a strict budget my parents still managed to buy that all-important ‘first home’ in Steveston before the end of the first year of arriving.” Her parents passed down a strong work ethic, encouraging punctuality, making good choices, and always doing the right thing, which has shaped the person she is, how she treats others and how she performs her work every day.

Though she never planned on working in the sector, from day one with the Board, Cheryl has embraced all the challenges and rewards the work has presented. What really excites her about work is that no two days are the same – the MLS® team is always busy regardless of what the conditions of the market are from month to month. The most rewarding parts of her day include helping brokers and members navigate challenges in their transactions. She also cherishes working with FVREB members on committee work, or on projects that directly affect the membership.

In Cheryl’s many years of service to the Board, she has seen many ups and downs, peaks, and valleys. Although, she anticipates that sophisticated consumer expectations, resulting regulator changes, and technology will play significant roles in navigating through future years, she is up for the challenge.

The MLS® Department has been rebuilding over the past two years due to internal staff movement to other departments or moving on to new careers. The unit now has a fresh perspective with a nice blend of long-time, experienced staff who members know and appreciate, along with newer team members. And as the team continues to develop and promote self-serve tools for members and brokerages, each team member will play a vital role in supporting members as they navigate a new and evolving world. The team continues to adjust and keep the pace of serving 4,800+ members. Automating routine tasks will allow the MLS® team to dedicate their time to perform tasks more efficiently, all to the benefit and advancement of members and the industry.

Cheryl’s secret to success is her love for her work and her passion for supporting her team and serving FVREB’s members. “Whether I am sitting at a table with our members, or staff and members from other Boards, I always keep top of mind that I am there to represent the interests of FVREB members, above all else.”

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