BCREA launches a mobile plan for REALTORS®

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At the beginning of November 2017, BCREA launched BCREA Mobile, a mobile phone plan designed specifically for REALTORS®, friends and family. The plan is offered through Rogers, Canada’s largest mobile phone provider. As an exclusive member service, BCREA Mobile offers an unparalleled rate for unique features.

Key features:

  • $50/month + GST
  • bring your own device, no contract
  • unlimited calling across North America from Canada
  • unlimited texting worldwide from Canada
  • 3 GB shared data pool
  • automated tiered travel add-ons
  • enhanced Voicemail or Visual Voicemail
  • automatic billing
  • dedicated customer support
  • keep your phone number

BCREA Mobile features a unique data plan that allows for a 65 per cent lower rate than competitors on data charges. Split the 3 GB per month across any devices you add to your plan. Any unused data is pooled for use by all members, which means moderate usage will keep the cost of data low for everybody.

If you’re travelling outside of Canada, you’ll always have access to your phone. BCREA Mobile will automatically add coverage for voice, text and data using a tiered system that only charges you for what you use. Or, you can choose the travel plan that best meets your needs.

BCREA Mobile has all the same features of a plan introduced to Alberta REALTORS® by the Alberta Real Estate Association in 2015. As of September 15, 2017, Alberta REALTORS® have saved about $708,510 on mobile plan charges.

Excluding unlocking fees from other service providers, there are no fees for signing up or leaving BCREA Mobile. Existing Rogers subscribers with less than a year on their contracts can transfer to the plan at any time.

To register, visit www.bcreamobile.ca.


Updated on January 17, 2018
Originally published November 27, 2017.