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AGM 2020: We’ve got the next best thing to being there

February 2020 will be the first time ever that our Board members can vote for By-law resolutions and elections without having to attend the AGM in person. No excuses not to vote now!

The Annual General Meeting is an important event where our members make key decisions about leadership and the governance of our Board. It’s preferable that members attend in person to really engage in the atmosphere, network with other members, and enjoy a full breakfast. But sometimes it’s not possible for members to attend in person.

Rather than leave those members out, the Board responded to requests to not only live-stream the AGM, but permit members who can’t be there to vote remotely, whether from home, the office, or out of town.

It’s an option which is currently permitted in our By-laws as long as the voting takes place during the live meeting. All it will take to fully participate in the AGM remotely is to log on to a custom livestream/voting web dashboard the Board is developing, using your own device.

There will be tech advisers on hand at the AGM if anyone has difficulty getting logged in.

Also, if you have comments you want to share with the members assembled at the meeting, there will be moderators on hand to read your comments out loud, if so desired.  

Next practice vote: Langley Member Breakfast meeting

To get you familiar with the remote voting platform–Simply Voting–we have been running practice votes online leading up to the AGM which has been well received by members who’ve tried it out.

The next practice vote will be held LIVE at the upcoming Member Breakfast meeting in Langley on October 23. We’ll circulate the livestream/voting web address ahead of time, and those attending in person will get a chance to try out Simply Voting as well.

Results from practice Vote #2

For the second practice vote, we asked about housing issues and the federal election.

Question: In the upcoming federal election, will the party platforms and promises regarding housing and the real estate sector influence how you vote?

55 members voted: Yes 36 (65.5%) No 11 (20 %) Not Sure 8 (14.5%)

These members were also asked if they found it easy to log in to the Simply Voting website and vote. 96% said Yes.