Why upload 20 photos when you can upload 40?

We thought a recent enhancement to Paragon was so good and so valuable to all members that we’re repeating our message with a how-to post.

You can now upload up to 40 pictures to Paragon for each listing. That’s double the number you were able to post on or before May 6!

This provides you with more opportunities to showcase your property and allow buyers or sellers to get a better feel for the property, especially as we continue to work through this pandemic.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to YOUR active listings on Paragon: Listings -> Maintain -> Listings.

2. Select the properties that you would like to edit. In the Action Column, click Select an Action.

3. Click on Picture Administration in the pop-up window. A new pop up will appear.

4. In the new pop-up window that appears, click Upload Multiple photos.

5. Click on Add Files and a new window pops up. Note: The images you want to upload must be saved on your local computer.

6. Navigate to the folder where your photos are saved. Select the images you want to add to listings and click Open.

7. The selected images will be displayed in the upload Pictures pop-up window. You can delete pictures by clicking on the red square buttons to the right of the window, enclosed in a red box in the image. Click on Start Upload.

8. Your photos will start uploading. The progress bar at the bottom of the window will let you know once the upload is complete.

9. Once all your photos are uploaded, the Photo Upload window will close automatically and return to the Picture Administration view.

For more information:

If you would like more detailed instructions on how to upload photos for listings, click here.

Source: FVREB Communications and Information Technology